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22.01.2020 16:26

the mental emotional there is different blood pressure issues there is different issues with
pharmaceuticals to say antidepressants blood pressure meds certain cholesterol meds as well will cause
it your cholesterol medicine also decrease your testosterone level because one of the building blocks is
cholesterol different hormones so we want to make sure that when you're looking at your
pharmaceuticals that a lot if you look them up on like PubMed or drugs calm or something like that you
can see that the main side effect of antipsychotic depression and some blood pressure meds is erectile
dysfunction so that's that's a big one also you know there's diet issues certain I ate two drinks can cause
interactions that can lead to erectile dysfunction simple things like I was saying stress and the cortisol
levels can cause a rectal dysfunction so Marcus there's a lot of causes for erectile dysfunction and not


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