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 Brazilian waxing - Intimenthaarung
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23.01.2020 09:47
Foot Spa - Soothe Your Aching Feet After A Hard Days Work Antworten

Foot Massage - Creates a relaxing effect on the tired feet. Clear Nails Plus Review It can be done manually or mechanically with the help of hydro-jets. It stimulates blood circulation. Helps in flexibility of reflexes and gives a very soothing, relaxed feeling. The temperature is maintained at a soothing warm level. Reflexology - The technique of Reflexology is used to massage the feet. The feet soak and are followed by a reflexology massage. The pressure points of the feet are targeted to certain areas of the body to relieve stress and other ailments.

Detox or Ionic Foot Baths - Environmental and other synthetic toxins are all around us. Pollution and other factors like hybrid foods we eat, causes the accumulation of toxins and increase in acidic levels in our body. This eventually can cause health deterioration. Ionic Foot Baths helps to cleanse waste and toxic products out of our body and neutralize the acidic levels of the body.

Toxins which build-up in the body can cause chronic pains, tiredness and low immunity. Detox Foot Bath helps significantly in curing them. It is believed that the foot is a channel through which the body attempts to cleanse itself by removing all the toxins & heavy metals that builds up in the body. A Detox Foot Bath is done by immersing your feet in a saline water solution. The water is then electrically charged via electrodes. The device is basically a hydro-galvanic device which helps in natural detoxification of the body toxins. The ionic exchange that happens thereafter causes the toxins of the body to draw out through the pores in our feet.


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