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28.01.2020 11:40
Making Efficient & Economical Solar Panels at Home Antworten

When you think about generators for home, you're Power Efficiency Guide Review probably thinking of a gas guzzler that produces nasty fumes and makes a racket too. Those days are over though. The days of gasoline powered generators for home are over. Free electricity is here! No matter how economical a generator is, it's got to run on something, right? Not anymore. So what can make a generator run for free with no noise and no pollution? The answer is Magnetism.

I'm sure you remember a time in your life when you tried to push two magnets together. The invisible force that pushes the magnets apart? Well, I'm sure you're beginning to see how several magnets aligned correctly would be able to spin a mechanism inside a generator. I'm not talking about space age super magnets; I'm talking about household magnets just like the ones that you can find in the speakers of your stereo system.

It may sound far-fetched, but the fact is hundreds of thousands of people around the world are already using magnetically powered generators for home use right now. It gets even better. Because these types of generators for home use are very simple, you can actually make them yourself at home. All you need are some plans which are available at several places on the internet and some parts that are available from any DIY store. They are small and compact and two of them are enough to power your whole house.


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