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29.01.2020 10:55
The Relationship Between LDL and VLDL Cholesterol Antworten

I had always felt healthy, with no sign whatsoever of Cardio Clear 7 Review anything wrong in my body. I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, somehow lacking physical workout, but otherwise in generally better physical condition than my friends I know. I was shocked and started looking for information on ways to reduce my numbers right away. I consulted many doctors and browsed many websites on the internet. Some suggested this, some suggested that. I took notes of them all, and I did them all (well, almost).

The result? My total cholesterol level went down from 376 mg/dL to 121 mg/dL in two short months. It was a glorious day when I found out about this huge reduction, and I confidently whispered goodbye to the dreaded possibility of heart disease. Basically what I did is I totally changed my diet as described below: My doctor asked me to reduce red meat and poultry intake, so I stopped consuming all kinds of meat and fat altogether for 2 months.

The doctor also asked me to reduce milk and dairy products, so on I went.. No milk, no chocolate, no cheese, no butter for 2 months. I also read on the internet that some type of vitamins and supplements are good to reduce cholesterol, so I started taking daily dose of them. Another doctor asked me to be more active physically, so I started jogging every saturday morning for 4 miles. I also bought a pedometer and started walking 10,000 steps each and every day. (just in case you don't know, a pedometer is a device that counts your steps).


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