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29.01.2020 14:29
boost if you're not able to get Antworten

boost if you're not able to get enough fat calories throughout the day which is a little bit remember what I was saying but just get to your core oh and right those are all of my tips that is how I've lost ar at stops is my favorite like semi healthy sweetener I do not use this in everything I consume just because I'm trying to adapt my taste buds to not need as much sweet food at this point in time like I'm not even a full week into eating completely like clean keto I have over the past couple weeks started integrating more like keto esque slimphoria keto foods into my diet but this has been the first week that I'm completely like 100% strict a lot of food the next three things they're very similar so this is golden roasted flax last me forever the next one again similar y'all could against it it's ten parts we got this at Costco as well we kind of love CrossFit for everything so pretty much almost everything you're gonna see in this video is from Costco it's just a good way to like save money I like to eat


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