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01.02.2020 13:54
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healthier every day with every moment that you practice reach up and as you exhale interlace your fingers behind your back so this time bring the opposite thumb and pinky on top so you kind of interlace your fingers in the way that feels a little awkward this is going to help us create bal new you keto ance from right to left squeeze your fists together then draw your hands away from your hips to peel your chest open take an inhale as you lift your heart then exhale to fold your body forward so your left shoulder is going to come towards the inside of your left leg so you can start out looking down towards the earth this really helps with your balance once you feel stabilized and strong in your legs you can start to turn your gaze in towards your Center scoop your belly in more tone the muscles in your core breathe into the strength and stability of your legs let your arms reach back behind you to really


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