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02.02.2020 12:40
downward dog and again inhale and Antworten

downward dog and again inhale and reach forward into your plank pose see if you can keep your belly lifted and toned coming back to the top of a push-up reach your heart forward then exhale and send your hips back moving back into that downward facing dog so we'll move through this transition a couple more times move at your own pace and honor the rhythm of your own breath as you inhale come forward into your plank pose and as you exhale move back into your downward facing dog and one last time come all the way forward into your plank keep your arms Tinnitus 911 and shoulders and back toned and exhale into your downward facing dog so here I invite you to pedal your knees out right and left this is going to help you get a deeper stretch in the backs of your calves and hamstrings so again we're working on improving your flexibility here keep your belly scooping up and in so we never want


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