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02.02.2020 14:04
created a five week series of videos Antworten

created a five week series of videos increasing in difficulty and the aim is to help you increase your flexibility tone your muscles and lose unwanted fat in places that need to get a little more trim and toned so this so let's try again as you breathe in lengthen through your spine reach forward through your heart so you find that length and open space then let's fold forward again and one more time let's try that gravity theory cream again inhale lengthening your heart forward lift through your spine even here keep your belly toning up and in so your core is activated and strong then we'll exhale and fold your body forward now from here plant your hands onto your mat so I've got to move my feet out of the way to plant my hands down then step your feet back into a plank pose so this is just like if you are about to do a push-up so your arms are strong your legs are strong and your belly is toning up and in away from the earth we're going to hold here for a moment if you're starting to get tired if you haven't built up the


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