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Enhanced Keto with it but they do say because leptin is obviously involved that somehow seems to negate influence of insulin and it seems weird because no one's disputing that cortisol for example stress hormones so connected to obesity or thyroid hormone but when it comes to insulin some people Enhanced Keto don't you know it's a difficult again it's hard to talk about this without singling out individual research there's a lot of people the ideas come from a few sources and the few sort you know the problem with insulin is if you talk about let's just look at let's take a Kate let's say we have a growing child and that child is getting taller and getting fatter it will make it a girl so she's getting fatter but she's also developing sexually so fat is going specific places on her body and here's my fundamental issue with leptin is you know as a hormone that's regulating energy intake or suppressing you know hunger.
Enhanced Keto we know that that this child is taking more calories and she expends because she's getting bigger and she's getting bigger in some places altom utley one way the other the something has to be determining where the calories go and how they're used are they used for energy are they go to fat they go to the breasts weight loss are developing or the gut that's getting fatter are they going to the bones and the muscles in the lean tissue that's growing and extending something has to decide how the fuel is used just the idea that the body has some preset number so it knows how much to spend.
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