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13.02.2020 17:01
Top-5-best-weight-loss-pills Antworten

because it's such a small variance we're talking 20 to 3% difference so if you have a moving target over here like if your calories are kind of even if you're close and you're eyeballing your food and your calories are moving up and down 200 calories a day you can still lose weight right but adding a fat burner to that scenario things weren't dialed in enough does that make sense you know like if you're trying to extract the most of the context-dependent as always what I try and create you know if everything else is optimized and you have maybe the last 10 pounds to lose that for your wedding or for something and you're weighing your food and your you've got your fitness program of some sorts that's been long-term that you to you know over six months consistently and then you want to add that with a plan of I'm gonna use this for eight weeks and I'll get to this point and I might even regress a little when I come back on it but that's okay because I've planned for it and so they're just tools that's how I look at it is tool you know yeah


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