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14.02.2020 16:11

thing and if that's not a hundred percent dialed in I think that you shouldn't be really link that down in the description too yeah but that but so now I actually I worked myself into fitness as a part-time personal trainer and then full-time personal trainer full-time online coach and then I've always I if I ever have a question I go to you right like you're the guy that I go to so I figured well of course yeah and I figured it makes a lot more sense and I think people will get a lot more kind of keeps everyone in check I'm gonna be probably a little bit boring and being these somewhere in the middle you know and and I think there's maybe that's what's missing honestly in the supplement industry it's it's kind of like it either fits everybody should be taking this one thing or these things or nobody should because we don't need it like the way that I want to start this is say there's someone that's coming into you know one of your st ehow to stop overeating s they want to talk to you they they have a lot of weight to lose what have you noticed like what is that person asking for and what would you maybe recommend to that person and like what's funny in a roundabout way every product I should say every a lot of products take their turn for the same outcome so like I'll dive into that someone will come in and say hey I'm looking to I'm starting to go to the gym or I'm starting back at the gym or some form of that comment and I want to lose a little bit of way to have and these are people that you know maybe it's all a parent but they probably should lose a little bit of weight and all I heard of DCA is good for that or I heard of proteins good for that or her so like they're just inserting all of these products into


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