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25.02.2020 11:57
new you keto : Do Not Buy 2020 Read First Reviews Antworten

new you keto because whole glass in your mouth you say salut if you still watching me and John Soto so your name is Juan but does anybody ever call you John nope you know allow it know it call me Warren Juanito by weight about yeah and so right now I weigh about I wake myself this morning actually I weight about 294 so I lost half the weight yeah so I'm fucking happy I used to weigh one so it's crazy because in high school after like I have to right after high school I weighed about 180 to mmm I dropped down to 142 and the thing is because I had no goals see the thing is after you drop weight or after you if you have a goal for yourself and you reach that goal you have to have like a plan of what you're gonna do after noon or else you go back wasted again that's what happened with me I went back down to 142 and I was boney I said now what like
new you keto reviews next thing you know like 2018 beginning of - dong yeah 2019 2019 beginning of 2019 I was weighing 205 that was my heaviest I've ever been 205 I just said you know what I'm gonna take it serious and in my mind I just sucked that like I happen to be starting on the first of January and you know the whole new year new be bullshit but I haven't be starting on the first January and I just committed to eating every other


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