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21.04.2020 08:36
Research History of Jaw Crusher Transmission Shaft Bearing Antworten

The successful development of the jaw crusher marks the beginning of the development of a new type of machinery. The shaft system used also finds the most effective structural principle for various jaw crusher transmission systems. After that, some effective structural types and transmission systems were produced, which improved the original design mechanism.

The material of E plate and its production method have evolved from cold-hardened cast iron to various silicon-manganese alloy steels.

1924 The rolling bearing is used as the sleeve bearing of the drive shaft. At that time, such bearings could not withstand the high impact loads of the Used Barite Crushing Machine In Usa. At first it was used only where plain bearings could not be used. Due to insufficient understanding of the magnitude of the forces appearing in the crusher and the selection of sliding bearing parameters, it has also promoted the development of rolling bearings.

The advantages of rolling bearings are high unit load capacity, simple and accurate calculation, and standardization. The swing roller bearing developed by Palmer Glen provides a practical rolling bearing for the bearing industry. The angular deviation of the bore in the sleeve, the machining deviation within a certain range, and the deflection of the main shaft do not affect the service life of the bearing. It was decisive in the context of the processing technology at the time. The low frictional resistance of rolling bearings, especially the small frictional resistance at starting, also plays a role. At present, the advantages of no maintenance, long service life and simple structure are even more significant. By 1939, almost all new construction crushers in West Germany were equipped with swing roller bearings.

In the past 20 years, there has been a trend to pre-crush hard rocks with large simple swing collar crushers. Although the ratio of unit load and speed to bearing specifications are increasing, due to the greatly improved bearing quality and grease quality, grease-lubricated swing roller bearings can still be used even in large crushers with bearing bores up to 750 mm.


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