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18.06.2020 10:08
3 buddies with similar backgrounds and I am playing Antworten

So the logic I'm presenting (though I do not personally agree with) is that Weapon Affixing (which is a part of endgame PSO2) is"arguably" P2W because the only way to get some items needed to do it, are just available to Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers through Lootboxes. It is definitely not a method of looking at things. But when my Alliance penis was introducing his argument into the rest of us... I understood what he intended. In the interest of fairness, I'm thinking of exactly what he said, when bringing any of that up. SG scratch is cover to win I have great news for you if you are concerned. If you're talking about AC scratch on NA those paychecks things cost essentially nothing on the Phantasy Star Online 2 player shop for regular in game money (meseta).

Having trouble with PSO2, want enjoy it but what's the endgame?

3 buddies with similar backgrounds and I am playing. I believe we've unlocked all of the areas and I'm going through episode 1 of story quests. I feel like we're missing the point, we never actually know what to do if we log it kind of feels pointless. PSO was far less complicated and had less content but for now we all find PSO2 difficult to get excited about. So either we are too nostalgic or we don't know what we should be doing or (hopefully not) this is simply not right for us anymore. Any help/pointers will be appreciated.

PSO2 endgame has always been about trying to clear things you need a group for within reasonable timeframes. NA just does not have a good deal of that right now - you are down by 2 difficulty levels (you're fighting degree 75 enemies while JP is fighting level 96~100 enemies) and you are also missing lots of this"endgame" content that is difficult, such as Ultimate Quests, Limitless Quests, etc.. Gradually appreciate the ride - after PC drops, there's going to be a good deal people, and there is going to be quite a few JP vets that are likely to be around to help get folks up to speed.

For NA right now not elsewhere. It is possible to attempt to max out your personality as far as possible, amount other courses, just save meseta in general, style stuff, etc.. My experience with PSO2 overall is a sort of on and off game (although I feel that is true for lots of F2P MMOs, perhaps only MMOs in general)I only have 3,000 hours over its whole life of 8 decades. Later on there is usually a clear Gearing goal though then is related to Emergency Quests to grind out.

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